AG 2017 Splinter meeting: Space plasma processes in stellar and planetary environments

Solar coronal magnetic field (Source: Wiegelmann, own work)

Artist’s rendition of Earth’s magnetosphere (Source: NASA, Public domain)

Convenor: Thomas Wiegelmann and Joachim Saur
Time slot: 1 afternoon

Splinter as part of the Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft 2017

Fundamental plasma physics processes like magnetic reconnection, formation
of current sheets, heating and the acceleration of solar and stellar winds
take place in environments like stellar and solar coronae, planetary
and brown dwarf magnetospheres. Stellar and solar winds, originating
in the coronae of stars, play an important role for shaping the heliosphere
and astrospheres. Their interaction with magnetized planets forms
magnetospheres. Aim of the meeting is stimulate discussions of space plasma
physicists from different communities, e.g.

– physics of solar and stellar atmospheres
– planetary physics including exo-planets and brown dwarfs
– Earth and planetary magnetospheres
– comets and minor bodies.
This splinter meeting is supported by the AEF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft
extraterrestrische Forschung) and DPG-EP.